Food Labelling Compliance

Food Safety Works (2012) Ltd can ensure your food labels meet mandatory legal requirements for all packaged foods sold in New Zealand under the Food Standards Code for Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). We provide labelling and regulatory expertise.

Full compliant labelling includes:

  • Label compliance requirements under FSANZ General Food Standards 1.2 and Food Product Standards.
  • Database calculations for mandatory Nutrition Information Panels (NIPs).
  • Nutrition Information Panels from Laboratory Analysis.
  • Code of Practice on Nutrition Claims in Food Labels and Advertisements.
  • Label Claims in accordance to Fair Trading Act - Consumer Information.

Our label service produces a compliant label format. We incorporate your chosen graphics, marketing claims,  nutrition claims and mandatory food code detail. Or you can leave all aspects of labelling with us and we provide all the elements of graphic design, layout and compliance details.